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Compassion is our Mission

Promoting compassion

The Caritas Foundation was founded in 1999 by German Caritas Association. The foundation’s task is to provide financial support for the social work Caritas carries out in Germany and abroad. In doing so, the foundation contributes to Caritas’ mission: to help people in need help themselves. With its support, Caritas Foundation ensures Caritas Germany’s independence of both political decisions and public funding.

Since its inception, the Caritas Foundation has received much support. Thanks to generous gifts, donations, and inheritances, the initial capital of EUR 500,000 exceeds EUR 50 million today. These funds remain untouched and are invested profitably. The foundation uses earned revenues to support the institutional projects, Caritas Germany’s main office in Freiburg implements.

The Caritas Foundation administers not only its own funds; it also acts as trustee for over 71 private trusts, managing their transactions, and assisting in the fulfillment of their charitable goals. These trusts have settled under the foundation’s legal umbrella not only because their trustors have confidence in the foundation’s accomplishments. Most importantly, they wish to support Caritas’ mission, both ideologically and financially.

We will provide more information about the Caritas Foundation soon.